About Us

We are a young and independent company that develops and produces modern three-wheelers for active and enthusiastic people. The whole range of models and designs is our unique and independent development that is presented on our website. All products are created by our team, which is comprised of the construction bureau and the production line all under one roof. We guarantee that all the components are entirely compatible with each other. We manufacture three-wheelers in a basic configuration, as well as custom-made designs.

From initiating the ideas to technical development in steel!

The manufacturing company Specbike SIA (Riga, Latvia) specializes in the development and production of recumbent trikes.

In our assortment trike for adults, for children, as well for people with disabilities.

We also make trikes with an electric assistant from company Shimano.


The possibility of making trike custom-made. You can choose color, type of transmission, type of brakes and options for models.

The warranty on the frame from the manufacturer is 5 years.

Adjustable 3 shock absorbers to control the stability of the trike with independent suspensions.
Professional ball bearings in the front drive wheel hubs for a smooth ride.
Corrosion protection in frame inside surface. Adjustable seats. Powder coating.
Height adjustment (from 1.40m to 2.2m)


Galvanization of metal parts against metal corrosion
Custom color scheme
Trike load is calculated on the weight of the person of 65-150 kg, plus 20 kg of luggage