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About Specbike SIA

For more than 10 years now, the brand SpecbikeTechnics specializes in the development and production of recumbent trikes, which make cycling experience more enjoyable and easier for people of all ages, complexions, and physical abilities.

We aim to satisfy people’s desire for active outside leisure time, despite their physique and financial possibilities, providing high-quality recumbent trikes for affordable prices.

Our customers’ comfort and fulfillment are SpecbikeTechnics’ main priority. That is why we always work individually with each client, listening to your wishes, from the color and model of their dream trike to the usage of specific components.

The original components, such as the adjustable shock absorbers (to control the stability of the trike), independent suspensions and ball bearings (to provide a smoother ride), and adjustable seats are all professional and verified by time and hundreds of customers all around the world.
Our branded frames can handle up to 150kg heavy (plus 20kg of luggage) and from 1,40m up to 2,1m tall rider.

Confident in our trikes’ construction, we provide a 5-year guarantee for our frames (with the possibility of extending it for a lifetime).

Our story

In 2010 an engineer-enthusiast Vladimir Izmailov put together their earliest recumbent trikes, the first in Latvia. In the beginning, assembling individual models was just a hobby.

Gaining experience and working on mistakes together with a like-minded Alexander Calih, in 2016 the brand SpecbikeTechnics was officially registered. A small brand made its first steps in the large European market. In the same year Alexander and Vladimir with their two prototypes as visitors attended an international exhibition Spezi 2016. The trike models interested both, attendees and organizers. In consequence, SpecbikeTechnics was invited to attend the Spezi 2017 now as a participant. Since then, we annually present our trikes on Spezi and other international exhibitions.

In 2018 SpecbikeTechnics was rebranded and taken over by the company Specbike. Alongside, hard work in terms of commercial and analytics was made, improving existing strategies.

Nowadays SpecbikeTechnics has established a serial production of recumbent trikes, has acquired a permanent place of production, and has gained a loyal customer base in Europe and USA. Now we have representatives in Germany and France and currently working on the formation of close ties with partners from other European countries.

Our experienced team constantly develops the brand, makes plans, sets high goals, and achieves them.

Further – more!

Aleksandr Calih

/ Sales questions /

+371 29458927
Vladimir Izmailov

/ Technical questions /

+371 26555215

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