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Comfort E Trike



Feel the power of an electric assistant, dynamics and enjoy a comfortable ride!

A complete suspension to provide a comfortable ride and the assistant motor will give you the opportunity to have any additional power as you want. In any place on any road you can get additional assistance in the amount that is necessary right now.

Wheel Size:

Our trike is equipped with 20’ front wheels and 26’ diameter back wheel. The 26” wheel has more inertia and therefore it is better at maintaining speed on flat terrain. Thanks to 26-inch rear wheels, the model has got a powerful look and is able to reach high speed. Front and rear wheels are equipped with disc brakes for safe driving under all situations. Front wheels are equipped with a parking brake. All wheels have a standard bike size, which allows to choose suitable tires for driving in any road conditions.

Wheel Suspension:

All wheels have independent suspension, which offers a stable and easy rid, passing any obstacles. You can drive up the curb without getting off the tricycle, while the descent from the curb will be smooth and unobtrusive. All three nodes of suspension are equipped with shock absorbers makes it possible to regulate rigidity.


The steering geometry allows driving the tricycle precisely and smoothly while maintaining a minimal turning radius.


A comfortable and convenient seat exclusively made by SpecBikeTechnics has a backrest adjustment and an adjustable headrest. You can forget about the pain in buttocks, arms, and back that usually arises during long bike rides.


The transmission of the tricycle offers the widest selection of gear range to overcome all ascension without leaving the tricycle. The distance from the seat to pedals can be slightly adjusted. At the places of possible contact with clothing, a chain is inserted in a protective housing.

Charge the tricycle with your energy and energy of electricity, this will expand the range of your pleasant impressions !

Electric Recumbent Tricycle COMFORT full suspension with E-Motor SHIMANO Description

Code Designation Description psc
00102 Shock absorber front DNM, DV-22:165x35mm/650lbs 2
00103 Shock absorber rear DNM, DV-22:165x35mm/850lbs 1
01001 Front wheel 20′ Bitex set Bitex BH20M:BK 36H; rims 719-L (406) BA/36,AV; Spokes 2mm, 180mm; Front wheel axle aluminum 2
01012 Rear wheel 26′ 9 speed CL set Rear hub 9 speed CL; Brake Rotor 160мм CL; rim 26′ TOP DISC 559 BA+SEE/32,AV; Spokes 260мм 1
01025 Front mechanical brakes set right Caliper Mech. BR-M375-2psc; Rotor 180mm 6 bolt-2-psc; Mech. brake handle parking twin-1psc 1
01027 Rear mechanical brakes set left Caliper Mech BR-M375; Mech brake handle no parking 1
00301 Wheel tire 20′ front Big Apple 20×2,15 2
00302 Wheel tire 26′ rear Big Apple 26×2,15 1
00510 Shift lever 9 speed Alivio SL-M3100 right 1
00511 Shift lever 3 speed Alivio SL-M3100 left 1
00550 Front derailleur 3 speed FD-M4000 Alivio triple gray 34.9mm CB DS DP 66-69 1
00560 Rear derailleur 9 speed RD-M4000 Alivio MTB 9s SGS 1
00605 Chain 9 speed CN-HG93 9 speed 3
00613 Rear cassette 9 speed CS-HG200, 11-34, 9 speed 1
00620 Crank arm 3×9 speed 40-30-22T 175mm 1
00630 Bottom bracket 68х128мм BB-UN25 1
00650 Pedal MTB 1
00901 Seat Fiberglass, XL 1
00902 Seat cover For fiberglass XL seat 1
00903 Front light bracket 22mm 1
00920 Idler 23T alum 8mm 1
00925 Front Mudguards 20′ Force MTB 20′ black 2
00940 Rear Mudguards 26′ SKS 1
00951 Rear carrier 20kg 20kg, for hanging bags 14mm tube, black 1
Color Ral 1
00960 Frame Not folding, material S235JR, TIG-welded, main tube 45×1,5mm, A-arms 25x1mm and 20x1mm 1
00980 Rod Ends M10 Right Male Durbal BEM 10-20-501 male thread right hand 4
00981 Rod Ends M8 CP Right Male CP 10640110 male thread right hand 8
00982 Rod Ends M8 Right Female Durbal DGIR 09 UK female thread right hand 2
00983 Rod Ends M8 Left Female Durbal DGIL 08 UK female thread left hand 2

Tricycle COMFORT E with suspension Dimensions




External length mm


External width mm


External height mm


Lenght between wheel axles mm


Seat height mm


Turn radius mm


Weight kg


Driver max weight kg



  • Best price on the market period (If you found better, let us know, we will make a discount!)
  • Frame with the 5-year warranty from the manufacturer, with the possibility of extending to a lifetime warranty.
  • Adjustable spring elements for adjusting the ride and suspension comfort.
  • Each wheel is individually sprung and thus also provides improved traction.
  • Professional ball bearings in the front hubs ensure easy rolling behaviour.
  • Additional corrosion protection of the frame tube.
  • Versatile adjustable seating positions from sport (flat seating position) to comfort (more upright seating position).
  • Powder coating. You can choose any color or combination of two colors for an additional fee.
  • Driver hight from approx. 1.40 m to 2.20 m can be compensated with the adjustable frame and the seat position.
  • Free Rear Carrier
  • The transmission is equipped with SHIMANO components, or at will from other manufacturers.
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