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We offer the installation of any components from your choice.

Frame Choice

Folding or non -folding frame






FAT traike can only have a not folding frame. Trike Comfort can have a folding and not a folding frame. Trike Comfort 3×20 can only have a folding frame. In order to fold the frame you need to: remove the seat, tilt the steering bar and unlock the hinge. You can choose a frame of any RAL color for free and 2 colors for an additional fee. When choosing a frame, take into account the maximum permissible weight of the load on the frame 150 kg for not folding and 115 kg for folding frame.

Choosing the size of the tires

Fat or standard tires.

FAT 20×4.0 and 26×4.0

20×2.0 and 26×2.0

Kids Recumbent Trike | SpecBikeTehnics

Or any of your desire

FAT tires allow you to go on the soft ground – this is true, but they roll harder on asphalt. Narrow tires lose less energy on the asphalt but drown in sand or snow. The average option with additional protection against puncture is the most common choice of customer.

The choice of an assistant

With a motor assistant or without a motor.

Any assistant from Shimano

Any assistant from BAFANG

Any other assistant

At the time of order, please contact us, not all types of motors can be obtained immediately, it depends on the plan of the motor manufacturer.

The choice of transmission

With derailleur or with rear gear hub or front gear box

Any derailleur from Shimano

Any rear gear hub

Any front gear hub

Some components will require additional waiting time depending on the manufacturer’s plan. Some elements with electronic speed shifting may have compatibility restrictions with other components.

Suspension Yes/No

With a suspension or without suspension

Standart Trike | SpecBikeTehnics

Trike without suspension makes it possible to clearly control and sharply feel the road.

The full suspension makes any road smooth

For suspension, you can choose air or spring shock absorbers.

We can offer shock absorbers of any manufacturer (if any on the market), only the size should be 165 x 35 mm. Without suspension, the bike becomes lightweight, cheaper and easier to maintain.

OR another product

Two-wheeled recumbent and children’s trike

Full suspension and 29″ wheels

Not suspension 26″ wheels

Children trike the most popular product at any exhibition

If you need a special product based on a bicycle please feel free to contact us. We have a extensive experience in developing and manufacturing separately frames for your project or the entire product.

Watch sample trip on any roads.

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Any other questions or not a standard project?

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